Schedule: January 7th @ Gamers World

We’ll be kicking off a new year of Adventurers League in Gamers World on January 7th where we’ll be continuing the Folded Time Trilogy for our Tier 1 tables and beginning The Vampire Hunt Trilogy over on the Tier 2 tables. Parties will travel back in time to help save Waterdeep from marauding trolls whilst others delve into Undermountain in the here and now. Bring fire and garlic.

We will also be playing our first ever Tier 3 adventure, The Lich-Queen’s Begotten which should be a challenge for quite a number of characters who up until now have been resting on their laurels. Will they survive their adventure in the Astral Plane? We hear TPKs are in vogue Tu’narath at the moment so who’s to say?

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