Schedule: 4th March @ Gamer’s World

Fresh from the horrors of the Monday Night Massacre we once again dare intrepid adventurers to seek out the Tenets of Bane in the wilds of the Moonsea, investigate the underworld of Undermountain in Skullport, or travel to the fabled Durlag’s Tower in the name of fortune and glory!

Are you brave enough? Adventure Calls! Join the Fray!

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Schedule: 18th February @ Gamers World

Registrations are now open for 18th February.

Are you brave enough to scour the Moonsea for artefacts of the Tyrant-God Bane? Or foolhardy enough to venture beneath Undermountain and investigate a murder in the infamous den of stinking evil known as Skullport?

Then gird yourself for battle! Adventure Calls!

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