Schedule: 1st April @ Gamers World

We here at AL Dublin hope you all enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day weekend, but evil never sleeps and now it’s up to you to enforce its agreed-upon bed time by signing up for our latest Adventurers League Sessions in Gamers World, Jervis Street!

Registrations are now open for three tiers of play on the 1st of April.

On the Moonsea, bands of brave adventurers will strive to keep the Tenets of Bane beyond the reach of the God-Tyrant and his (lawful) evil minions, memories of the Monday Night Massacre still fresh in their minds.

Deep below Undermountain, in Skullport, what began as a simple fetch-quest has grown all-together more complicated as the item our heroes seek has fallen into the eye-stalks of the Xanathar himself.

And just east of the quiet town of Beregost, a group of foolhardy plunderers has gained access to the infamous Durlag’s Tower. What fate awaits these vainglorious fools as they attempt to delve the depth of Durlag’s Tomb?

Adventure Calls! Join the Fray!

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News: March Bank Holiday & Renown Benefits

The dark masters which lie deep beneath the earth send word to their slaves. Pay heed supplicants!

First of all, there will be no Adventurers League session on March 18th. The next session will be held on April 1st (honest!) and we will have adventures for Tiers 1 – 3. As usual, we will make an announcement here and on the website when sign-ups open.

Secondly, we are going to take this opportunity to make everyone aware of a new system that was introduced towards the end of┬álast year, word of which hasn’t fully spread around the group – Renown Benefits!

Learn more about Renown Benefits