Schedule: 2nd September @ Gamers World

Ready your spell books, hone your steel, and gird your loins for battle because sign-ups are now open for the September 2nd session of D&D Adventurers League Dublin!

The vile Cults of Elemental Evil are running amok in the city of Mulmaster, and it’s up to you, brave adventurers, to put a stop to them! Our Tier 1 tables are tasked with putting an end to some bandits in the Flooded Forest; it seems a simple enough task, and surely there will be no surprising complications?

Meanwhile, our Tier 2 adventurers will be delving deep into the Earthspur Mines to discover why the valuable shipments of ore and gems have ceased and to divine the cause of the gruesome fate that befell the last fools to go check it out.

Are you daring enough to answer the call? Sign up here!

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Schedule: 19th August @ Gamer’s World

Adventurers League Dublin may have taken the Bank Holiday off, but evil never sleeps. Sign-ups are now open for our session on Monday 19th August for Tiers 1, 2 and 3.

Mulmaster has fallen further under the influence of the Cults of Elemental Evil and the call goes out to adventurers to investigate. With shenanigans in a monastery and skullduggery in the Tower of Arcane Might our Tier 1 and Tier 2 adventurers will have their hands full.

Meanwhile in Hulburg, our Tier 3 heroes, fresh from fending off a cadre of mindflayers in the mines, will embark on an even stranger adventure.

Do you have the nerve to be a hero of the realm? Sign up now and test your mettle!

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