Sign-ups have now opened for our September 16th session at Gamers World. This will be our last session under the Adventurers League Season 8 rules. Season 9 will kick off with the release of the new Descent into Avernus hardcover, so keep an eye on the page and we’ll update you with the major changes.

Our heroes are still battling the cults of Elemental Evil in Mulmaster and we have a lovely jaunt planned for our Tier 1 characters. They will have to go beneath the streets and trudge around the sewers, knee-deep in all sorts of unwholesome muck, as they investigate yet another bizarre mystery.

Our Tier 2 adventurers, on the other hand, will get to enjoy the fresh as they travel to the Monastery of the Yellow Rose high in the Earthspur Mountains and face off against the Cult of the Howling Wind .

The Tier 3 still finds itself in Hulburg, wrapped up in the ongoing troubles in the nearby mines. and will perhaps get the opportunity to finally face off against the architect of Hulburg’s latest woes.

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TIER 1: DDEX02-08 Foulness Beneath Mulmaster

The sewers beneath Mulmaster have always been dangerous, with countless stories of brigands, murderers, and worse that lurk beneath the streets of the City of Danger. But those stories pale in comparison to a new threat under Mulmaster, one brought to light by a strange and disturbing corpse recently found. It is up to you to learn the terrifying truth of what lurks below.

A 4-hour Adventure for 1st-4th level characters.

TIER 2: DDEX02-13 The Howling Void

A bastion of the Cult of the Howling Wind has been located beneath the Monastery of the Yellow Rose in the bowels of the Earthspur Mountains. In order to thwart the cult’s plans for Mulmaster’s destruction, you must delve into the depths and quell the storm within. While their winds still blow, none in Mulmaster are truly safe.

A 4-hour Adventure for 5th-10th level characters.

TIER 3: CCC-BMG-HULB03-03 Darkest Vein

In the depths below Hulburg, the main user of a psychic drug made from condensed emotions will make its final stand. Those who dare descend must be mentally prepared for the onslaught that awaits, if they wish to survive.

A four-hour adventure for 11th-16th level characters


You can sign up through Warhorn, please do your best to accurately submit your level and character class as we take this into account when we assign tables.

Should you be unable to attend a session after signing up, please don’t forget to log back into Warhorn and withdraw your attendance; this makes room for people on the waiting list and allows us to better plan adventuring parties.

If you have any questions, talk to us on our Facebook page, or leave a comment below.


If you’re coming don’t forget to bring:

  • An Adventurers League Legal Character Sheet
  • Your Adventurers League Logsheet
  • Your valid DCI Number. New players can obtain a DCI number here.
  • €3 for the table
  • As many dice as you can carry!
  • A pencil.

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