With the launch of the new Descent into Avernus storyline, Adventurers League has entered into its 9th Season. For Season 9 there have been a number of rules changes. Gone are Advancement and Treasure Checkpoints and how your characters gain Magic Items and Gold has been updated.

For a full understanding of the new Season 9 changes download and read the Adventurers League Player & DM Pack. The player pack also includes the new Season 9 Logsheet.

A brief Season 8 to Season 9 conversion guide can be found here.

Level Advancement
For season 9 play you no longer accumulate advancement checkpoints to level up, henceforth you now have the option to level up upon the completion of an adventure.

Magic Items
You no longer need to unlock and purchase magic items. Now at the end of an adventure, all adventurers who participated in the adventure can keep a copy of any magic items earned. The number of magic items you can hold, however, are now limited by Tier as follows:

Tier 11 Magic Item
Tier 23 Magic Items
Tier 36 Magic Items
Tier 410 Magic Items

Gold Coins
You no longer earn gold coins upon level up, but “discover” gold during the course of your adventures. Your DM will award you gold upon the completion of an adventure. You are awarded am amount of gold per hour played based upon your tier. There is now a per level gold cap. For each level of advancement you can earn a maximum amount of gold based on your Tier as follows:

Tier 180gp
Tier 2240gp
Tier 31,600gp
Tier 46,000gp

Renown benefits have been overhauled. Your Renown Rank is now based on your character Tier – you no longer calculate individual renown points. The per adventure Renown Benefits have changed, and you can now earn certain magic items tied to Background or Faction membership. See the AL Player’s Guide for full details.

Your characters earn Downtime each time they level up at a rate of 10 days per Tier 1 Level, and 20 days per Tier 2-4 level.

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