Adventurers League is played differently from regular D&D to ensure consistency of play between tables. For a basic rundown of the differences see below.

For a complete understanding of playing Adventurers League it is recommended that you download and read the latest version of the Adventurers League Players’ Guide.

PHB+1 Rule

Adventurers League Player Characters are restricted to the PHB+1 Rule. What this means is that when creating your character you can use the D&D Player’s Handbook and one other approved source e.g. a Bugbear Paladin would be restricted to using content from the PHB and Volo’s Guide to Monsters and would not be permitted to use feats, spells or archetypes from other source books.

Character Backgrounds are not restricted to PHB+1 and can be drawn from any source. You can also customise your background as per the rules in the PHB.

Ability Scores

In Adventurers League ability scores are determined using the Point Buy variant found in the D&D Player’s Handbook. You have 27 points to spend on attribute scores, the cost of each score is shown on the table below. You cannot have a score higher than 15, or lower than 8 (Before racial modifiers).

Alternatively you can use the Standard Array, which matches the point buy criteria, and assign the following scores to your abilities 15,14,13,12,10,8

Once you have assigned your ability scores don’t forget to add any racial modifiers you may have.



Characters can be of any moral alignment except Neutral Evil and Chaotic Evil.

Lawful Evil characters are required to be members of the Lord’s Alliance or Zhentarim factions (see below).


Players have the option for their characters to be members of a Faction. You can only be a member of one faction at a time and maintaining membership of a faction requires a character to possess the Safe Haven background feature (Faction Agent background, Sword Coast Adventurers Guide). Your character can leave a faction at any time.

The available factions are:
– The Emerald Enclave
– The Harpers
– The Lords Alliance
– The Order of the Gauntlet
– The Zhentarim


Adventurers League characters are divided into 4 different Tiers.
Tier 1: characters of 1st-4th level
Tier 2: characters of 5th-10th level
Tier 3: characters of 11th -16th level
Tier 4: character of 17th-20th level

Adventure modules are designed for specific tiers of play. In order to play in a module your character must be of the intended tier e.g. to play in a Tier 2 module, your character must be of 5th-10th level. If your character falls outside of the intended level range, they cannot be played in that module and you will have to play a different character, or play a different module of the appropriate tier.

Character Advancement & Resources

Characters gain a level at the end of every adventure. You have the option to decline to gain a level.

Gold Pieces are awarded by the DM to players at the end of each adventure. The maximum amount of gold your character can earn is based on how many hours they’ve played in their current tier. Once a character has earned an amount of gold equal to their GP Limit they can earn no more until they level up.

TierHourly GP Award (Minimum)GP Limit per Level
120 gp (10 gp)80 gp
230 gp (15 gp)240 gp
3200 gp (100 gp)1,600 gp
4750 gp (375 gp)6,000 gp

Downtime Days are earned when a character levels up. They earn 10 Downtime Days when they level up at Tier 1, and 20 Downtime days when they level up at Tiers 2, 3, or 4.  These downtime days can be spent to perform activities outside of adventures, such as copying scrolls or trading magic items. For a full list consult the AL Player’s Guide.

Magic Items

Whenever the group you are playing with find a magic item, your character can keep it if they wish, though the number of magic items your character can own at a given time is determined by their tier. Instead of gaining a new item, your character can instead replace an item in their possession with a new one. Legendary items can only be kept by Tier 4 characters, but others finding one instead unlock it and can choose to take possession of it when they reach Tier 4. Until then the item does not count against the chracter’s Magic Item Limit.

TierMagic Item Limit