Mysterious merchants dealing in strange artifacts, magical weapons and forbidden lore are a staple of any D&D campaign and Adventurers League is no different. On rare occasions, DnD Adventures League Dublin will be visited by Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire and players will get the opportunity to buy or trade for items, pets or scrolls and partake in unique downtime activities.

Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire is a special event that can be requested for Conventions and Game Days. You’ll often find him rolling into town when we have an Epic Adventure scheduled. Fai Chen never carries the same inventory twice, but his stock is limited so if you don’t want to miss out on the last Deep RothĂ©, or you have a Ring of Fire Resistance burning a hole in your pocket come early.

As a player you can interact with Fai Chen in three ways. You can only perform these actions once each per player on behalf of any of your characters. Any trades or purchases should be recorded on your log sheet in the usual manner.

  1. Players can Trade magical items against one of Fai Chen’s items. This trade follows the regular item trading rules. The items must be of the same rarity and on the same treasure table, and appropriate Downtime must be spent to complete the trade.
  2. Players can Purchase one of Fai Chen’s items for sale for one of their characters. These items can include scrolls, pets or other unique trinkets.
  3. Players can have one of their characters partake in one of the available Downtime Activities. Fai Chen offers different activities each time he visits. You might be able to enter a fighting pit on one occasion or find some fool to marry you on the next.

We will make it known on our regular schedule posts whenever Fai Chen is coming to visit us at DnD Adventurers League Dublin, so keep an eye out for this wandering merchant and his magical wares.