Adventure Report: Krenko’s Way & Hillsfar: Exodus

Welcome to our ongoing series of Adventure Reports where we at AL Dublin fill you in on the goings on at some of our tables! This time around we’re covering Krenko’s Way – a one-shot adventure found in The Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica, the new D&D campaign setting based on Magic: The Gathering lore. This adventure was played with pre-gen characters and wasn’t actually Adventurers League content, but we ran it, so we’re telling you about it.

We’ll also be telling you what went down when an over-powered party of non-humans went for a walk in the woods in Hillsfar: Exodus, the follow up to the convention created content module Hillsfar: Arrival

Since our last Adventure Report we ran the Season 8 modules Beneath the City of the Dead & Dock Ward Double Cross and the aforementioned Hillsfar: Arrival as well. If you played any of the adventures mentioned in this post and have tales of derring-do to tell then do so in the comment section. What good are stories if no one hears them after all?

Read on, Brave Adventurers

Adventure Report: Gaelcon 2018

We had three solid days of Adventurers League at Gaelcon, running regional previews of The Folded Time Trilogy, the season 7 Epic Peril at the Port and The Xanathar’s Guide to Everything tie-in Rats of Waterdeep. The wandering monk Fai Chen was also present with his Fantastical Faire.

Players new and old were in attendance and the convention was a great success – if you were lucky enough to be there and have a story to tell, leave a comment below

For those who missed out we will be running The Folded Time Trilogy modules in Gamers World soon and don’t forget to sign up on Warhorn for our next regular game on November 12th.

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