Schedule: 10th June at Gamer’s World

Sign ups are now open for our June 10th Session in Gamer’s World.

Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 tables still find themselves stranded in the land of Barovia, encountering both the Vistani, a tribe of people rumoured to have the gift of prophecy and other strange powers and a group of orcs, lost in the Mists just like our heroes. Will you brave the ghosts, ghouls and grumpkins and perhaps find a way to escape the dread domain of Ravenloft in the process?

Our Tier 3 table is going back to Phlan! Last seen in ruins after the green dragon Vorgansharax, aided by the Cult of the Dragon, made it his lair, Phlan has since been reclaimed and rebuilding has begun. But all is not peaceful, and there have been strange sightings in the Glumpen Swamp. Will you investigate, and perhaps this time save Phlan from ruin?

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All are welcome, new players and old, of any level of experience.

For a primer on the land of Ravenloft check out Gorsk The Truthful’s Guide to Ravenloft.

Also, tomorrow, we will be releasing full details of our Summer Game Day, to be held on Sunday June 23rd in Gamers World, featuring classic dungeon crawls, Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire and an Epic Adventure for 3 Tiers of play. We have a full day of D&D planned, from 10am to 8pm, so don’t miss out.

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News: March Bank Holiday & Renown Benefits

The dark masters which lie deep beneath the earth send word to their slaves. Pay heed supplicants!

First of all, there will be no Adventurers League session on March 18th. The next session will be held on April 1st (honest!) and we will have adventures for Tiers 1 – 3. As usual, we will make an announcement here and on the website when sign-ups open.

Secondly, we are going to take this opportunity to make everyone aware of a new system that was introduced towards the end of last year, word of which hasn’t fully spread around the group – Renown Benefits!

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News Bulletin – AL@Gamers World, Christmas, Tier 3

Adventurers League Dublin is nearing the end of its first year and its popularity only seems to be growing! Read on to learn more about our plans for the Christmas season and the New Year. 

D&D Adventurers League @ Gamers World – November 26th

Our November 26th session is filling up fast, so fast in fact that for the first time we will be opening a 9th Table at AL Dublin. That’s enough room for 63 players and 9 DMs. Ireland has never seen so much D&D in one place! Will the critical mass of rolling D20s tear open a portal to the Outer Planes? Probably not.

Don’t miss out. Sign up on Warhorn to guarantee your space! Our games start at 6pm sharp, so try and get there a little early to get organised.

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News Bulletin – Gaelcon, Ravnica & More

Welcome to our first of many news bulletins, where we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening with DnD Adventurers League Dublin.

D&D Adventurers League @ Gamers World

There will be no session on Bank Holiday Monday 29th October. Our regular Adventurers League sessions will resume on Monday November 12th. In the mean time you will be able to find us at Gaelcon from 26th-28th October.

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