Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop fantasy roleplaying game published by Wizards of the Coast. Originally released in 1974, it is now in its fifth edition and thanks to internet streaming, appearances on hit tv shows and the Adventurers League organised play system it is more popular than ever.

In Dungeons & Dragons players take on the role of a band of adventurers and pit their wits and their skills against a host of monsters, evil wizards, shadowy cabals, undead and, yes, dragons. Their adventures are overseen and guided by a Dungeon Master who referees the decisions they make and portrays the peoples and creatures that the players encounter. The friendly wizard, the evil priest, the band of ravaging gnolls and the frightened villagers; the DM plays all these parts and reacts accordingly to the players’ actions and decisions.

Playing Dungeons & Dragons is easy. All you need is a set of dice, a pencil and your character sheet. Your character could be one of almost two dozen fantasy races such as an elf, dwarf or dragonborn (Humans are also an option). They could be a mighty warrior, a barbarian from the icy north or a fighter from the big city. Perhaps they are a powerful wizard that can bend reality to their whims, or they are a warlock who traded their soul for arcane knowledge. Or maybe they just like sticking a dagger in someone’s back when they’re not looking? There are 12 character classes to choose from and customise. No two characters are the same, and imagination is your only limit.

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