We run Adventurers League sessions every second Monday in Gamers World, Jervis St. from 6pm – 8pm.

In order to play you will need:
– Your Adventurers League legal character sheet
– Your Adventurers League log sheet
– Your DCI Number (available here )
– Dice/Books if you have them.
– €3 to pay Gamers World for the use of the table.

The Adventurers League Player’s Guide is available for free here. It is highly recommended you read it to understand how AL differs from home games.

For newcomers: The organisers will bring some pre-made characters and spare AL log sheets but we cannot ensure a full supply, so if possible take the time to create your character or download a pre-generated character from WotC.

In order to reserve your place, you will need to first register with AL Dublin on Warhorn and then book your slot in the appropriate session.

If the slots are full, you can still register to go on the waiting list. Those on the waiting list will be automatically assigned a slot as people withdraw.

If you cannot make it after having reserved a place PLEASE remember to withdraw your spot on Warhorn so as to make room for those on the waiting list.

Please also familiarise yourself with Adventurers League Dublin Code of Conduct before attending.